Evangelist Erma Nevels McNeil

Erma Nevels McNeil  is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois. Called to be a missionary at the early age of ten.  In 1968, she became a member of the Church of the Living God CWFF -Temple #29 . She has held two  National Offices in the Church of the Living God CWFF:  President of “Young Peoples Progressive Union (Y.P.P.U.) (1985-1986)”  and National Director of Christian Education ( 1987-1997 ) which were appointments made by the  late Chief W.E. Crumes..  Evan. McNeil was  called by God to be an evangelist in 1995, and was Pastor of LBLC- Church 2 for a short period of six years ( 2007-2013).  Shi is married to Thomas, and mother of Nevels N. Nevels.
Evan. McNeil have earned  several Degrees; a Bachelor of Science  in Education  from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO.,  a  Master of Administration in Elementary Education from University of Missouri  in St. Louis, and an Elementary Education Certification from Harris University in St. Louis, MO.
Presently, she is a retired educator from the St. Louis Public School System.